Scans online

Já estão disponíveis online mais digitalizações dos jornais e revistas que escreveram sobre a acção do MVE ou sobre o tema transgénicos.

There’s more newspaper scans online, from the ones that wrote about MVE’s action or about GMO’s.

This is an external link, and at there more images will be made available in the future.

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3 Responses to Scans online

  1. nuno says:

    Assim não vão lá……deviam ir ter com as grandes companhias, eu sei eles depois batem não é!!!!é mais facil o pobre do agricultor…

  2. Eddie says:

    Something I’m trying to understand, the Algarve had a long standing agreement since 2004 (from what I’ve read), that there would be no GMO’s planted in the region and this agreement came into place due to pressure from a large sector of the public not wanting GMO’s in their food. If so, there was clearly a consensus amongst citizens due to some understanding of issues with GMO’s, and decided against them. So how is it that one farmer goes against what an entire region has decided; yet he is not penalized, but rather vindicated?

    If there are any recent developments on this issue please post.

    Thank you. E.

  3. ... says:

    POBRE do agricultor ?? LOL
    Onde é que um agricultor POBRE tem uns 70 hectares de terra???
    É mais agricultor RICO isso sim.

    Não percebem mesmo de nada.